Atlanta “pastor” passes around AIDS

Craig Lamar Davis is under fire for AIDS among his church members…so far at least two victims have come forward to press charges. This shocking news set the internet on fire after it was posted on a blog by an angry church member and ex lover of the married pastor.

“Pastor” Craig Lamar Davis of Atlanta’s Full Gospel Baptist Church was arrested for reckless conduct after investigators discovered he was sleeping with several women in the church. Davis admitted to investigators that he’s HIV positive and chose to have unprotected sex with these women.

According to an email sent to blogger Obnoxious, Pastor Davis is a church ho. The woman who reported him, Ronita McAfee, says she met Davis on Facebook and it wasn’t long before the two started meeting at his home to have sex.


Whewww gotz to be more careful! The church offerings were paying for his meds and sheets…..ijs


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